Saturday, May 10, 2008

When Politicians Treat Us As Stupid.....Part 2

In Oregon we have a contested primary for the honor of beating Gordon Smith next November.

I went to a Merkley fundraiser Tuesday because a person whom I respect asked me to go and keep an open mind - which I did.
[Merkley is one of 3 front running candidates - Novick and Neville are the other 2]

It was a low key evening and I did not ask the questions I had thought of - which were about the Schumer group pushing him into the race and the seemingly lack of enthusiasm in his ads - and the ads seeming disconnect from Oregon issues for this cycle.

The people who introduced him and the "money pitcher" were very enthusiastic, had worked with him in the Oregon House and said things about Jeff that made him seem like a really neat caring person and I was about to more seriously consider voting for him.

But then I the saw his newest "ad" - the one where Merkley takes Novick's old-ish blog comments out of full context and presents them as Novick name calling. I won't post the ad here [you can Google it and watch if you wish] - but I am so tired of politicians thinking the electorate is stupid. We are smart, many of us pay attention and have heard/read about those comments for a while now and know the full context or we at least in this state, can use Google, YouTube and other ways to research what was said and in what context.

And of course as I have this blog, and others, I might be a bit more sensitive - as I sure should I ever choose to run for something - some of my content would be take out of context and posted to prove my hate/love/antipathy to whatever. Ah - but as I never plan to run for anything except local PCP - I am safe : - )

The ad seemed beneath the Jeff I had just met and had heard personal commentary about - and I was so very disappointed.

So politicians - please respect the minds of voters. Some actually read, think and know or can ask others about what is going on!

This type of campaigning turns people off - we are not stupid voters...we care and we pay attention.

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