Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Arkansas Democrat Party Chair Dead

When I heard about the shooting of Arkansas Democratic Party Chairman Bill Gwatney, my immediate thought was this is the direct result of the venom spewed forth by those at Faux Noise and their ilk...those rabid repugs who like to keep saying "kill" democrats...or wishing democrats dead, etc.

Then when heard that Gwatney died, I wanted Faux Noise and the rest to be help legally accountable. But with the current gang in charge in D.C. and in the courts, and the DOJ, it will be written off a one "bad apple" acting alone..and the repugs will say they are so sorry but they have freedom of speech to spew hatred.

Well guess what - freedom of speech is NOT the right to say what you want. It comes with caveats and uncrossable line...and the repugs are well over all the legal lines with their repugnant hate filled rhetoric...

Since many of us in all 50 states spend time at our local and state democratic headquarters - be careful - too many Faux Noise on air idiots want us dead and are encouraging their listeners to do exactly that!

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