Thursday, August 21, 2008

Do You Know How Many Houses You Own?

Well - I do. You probably do as well.

But guess who can't remember? JohnMcSameMcBushIII©

When you have so much money and os many house and are so so old - it's hard to recall such trivial details....

Here's an Obama ad on this

And according to this post - the number of JohnMcSameMcBushIII©'s houses may be 10!

John McCain said in an interview with Politico on Wednesday "that he was uncertain how many houses he and his wife, Cindy, own."

"I think -- I'll have my staff get to you," McCain said. "It's condominiums where -- I'll have them get to you."

The answer, according to the group Progressive Accountability, is an even 10 homes, ranches, condos, and lofts, together worth a combined estimated $13,823,269.

John and Cindy McCain own a plethora of houses spread throughout the United States, including: two beachfront condos in Coronado, California, condo in La Jolla, California, a two-unit condominium complex in Phoenix, Arizona, three ranch houses located outside of Sedona, Arizona, a high-rise condo in Arlington, Virginia, a rental loft, and, according to GQ, a loft they bought for their daughter, Meghan.

So many we may never know for sure...7, 10...20...more?

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: JustaDog said...

It took him many years - decades to build what he has.

Unlike Obama who, with the help of union thug and gangster Tony Rezko, got his million dollar house at a young age.

Wonder how much of the money for his house was paid from money diverted when Obama was the head of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge fund - of which $100 million just got used - and nothing to show for it.

Don't worry though, from a recent news story:

The records in question are extensive, consisting of 132 boxes, containing 947 file folders, a total of about 70 linear feet of material. Not only would these files illuminate the working relationship between Obama and Bill Ayers, they would also provide significant insight into a web of ties linking Obama to various radical organizations, including Obama-approved foundation gifts to political allies.