Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Non blogging media- Give it a rest

I have many friends who voted for Hillary - more than a few of them are now in Denver, where they will support Obama.

So who are the Hillary nuts trying to get airtime? My guess is that they are nuts, repugs or even the media itself trying to keep a fight going so as to sell ads and keep viewership. There is nothing like a run away convention or election to keep people away from the TV sets...because most of what else is on is mind numbing [except sports:-)]

I turned on my TV yesterday to see Tweety giving lots of airtime to an ann coluter wannabe. Dumb comments, hostile and non stop shrieking at the microphone. Yet Tweety kept talking to her giving her just what she and the repugs want - the idea that there is division. There isn't - only the small minds like Tweety and the now ex-clinton campaign staff [the highly paid and/or narcissistic ones who are pissed that they won't now have cushy WH jobs] are yelling division...

The real delegates and the real voters are not divided!

PS - I cried during Michelle Obama's speech last night and also found myself wanting very much to be in Denver right now - just to be there in all that energy! It's palpable thru the TV screen [when the pundits stop yammering]

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