Sunday, November 02, 2008

I wonder why?

I was just looking at today's candidates schedules and see that Michelle is with Barack and Jill is with Joe.

I'm slow on the thought process this year [:-)] but I really just had that AHA moment about the fact that Jill and Michelle have had their own campaign schedules since the convention.

As they have young kids they were not on the campaign trail every day - but they were on the trail lots...and NOT as arm candy - but as the actual campaigner who gave a speech. We did not see or hear of all these speeches but we would have if either had made a big gaffe. So clearly Michelle and Jill were excellent spokespeople for the campaign.

That's what made me wonder why we get Cindy and the First Dude only as arm candy? They are never speaking on behalf of the campaign. In fact the First Dude never speaks and Cindy is only allowed to speak only until John cuts off her mid-sentence or mid-thought. [And she has said nothing of late.]

My conclusion? The repugs love arm candy in the form of trophy wives and trophy husbands and trophy veep choices. Like Faux Noise - repugs love to sell sex - but for this campaign it leaves them with only 2 persons who can rev up the "base." Hmm .... the base base?

The dems have 4 solid people who can speak English, have ideas and do not need to be silenced by spouses or campaigns...

Tells you something about values - does it not?????

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estherbeads said...

I don't know much about cindy mccain, but i'm pretty sure that anything the First Dude would say would not be value-additive. The Repub machine is already chagrined that they have to let Ms. Lipstick speak from time to time; they certainly don't need more fires to put out from the dude-ster.