Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Unfair and Unbalanced - Definitely

Saw this on DailyKos and decided it needed posting here - not just because it shows Faux Noise at their most feverish "hate President Obama" pitch - but in watching a few times - I've noticed the "looks" on the face of Beck...[and well the stupidity of Gingrich which he just keeps documenting]

Either he is auditioning to be the clown of Faux Noise and competing with Falafa Man for something - or he is having some mental issues - or maybe both?

It is worrisome that at least a portion of people still think this is "news" and that it is correct news.... they won't admit to the possibility that they are being lied to and used - more serious mental issues here?

[disclaimer - I am not a licensed professional and am only stating a personal opinion] :D

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