Saturday, May 09, 2009

Mustard Lovers - Unite!

I can not believe the amount of nonsensical blabbering the wingnuts are dong about Obama's preference for Dijon mustard instead of ketchup.

My guess is that with Obama's ratings so high they need to invent faux news for their faux noise network in an attempt to keep a frenzy going among the wingnuts.

But seriously people - mustard ? ketchup? get a life....go do something useful.

These fundits support a group of white christian men who can only look backwards - so they latch on to any trivial excuse to knock Obama and his supporters. They remind me of the ugly American tourist who thinks that by screaming English at someone who does not understand the language is the way to make them understand the language. I once saw this in action in Mexico and I see it now with the wingnuts. They say the group is not conservative enough, the tax cuts for the wealthy were not big enough and that if they yell longer and louder for their principles - all American will come to understand what they are saying - mustard and all :D

Hey wingnuts - we had an election about those ideas you look back upon YOU LOST ! [and you'll lose the mustard war too]

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