Thursday, June 16, 2005

thank you John

Because I don't have CSPAN 3 I just watched a re-airing of John Conyer's "hearing" on the DSM [Downing Street Memo]. I cried through most of it- how nay parent deals with the murder of their child because they were sent into an illegal "war" based on lies is beyond me. Every time Cindy Sheehan spoke or someone directed a comment to her about her son Casey - I wept... I am still weeping....I weep for all the American and Iraqi families who lost loved one and continue to lose loved ones while the lying sons of bitches who sent our troops there sit here and refuse- absolutely reuse to even talk about these issues - and of course have NO family members in the military..

So "borrowing" from Bill Maher's "new rules" - we need a new rule for Congress - "If you vote to send our American children to war - you must send YOURS - or your grandchildren or your nieces and nephews." So Mr. Bush- why are your twins not in Iraq?

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