Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Too much to rant about so I did not

To be honest I have ranted in person and via emails to some friends but not here... not sure why except for being being so overwhelmed with what is going on... still keep coming back to the question of why can't persons in the administration see the errors they keep making?

Since they refuse to see anything as errors my more cynical self says then that everything this group does, including what appears on the surface to be sheer stupidity, is part of a larger plan to bring such chaos to Iraq that Americans will call for nuking the middle east - so carefully though, of course, that we don't hurt the oil [or Saudi Arabia ]

for example - why do we keep asking Iraqis to line up to apply for security type jobs? even you and I see that it gets them killed and therefore lessens the numbers who will apply for policing jobs...

and why don't we have enough troops there or ask other countries for real help and give them a share of the profitable work?????

the media never asks these questions - but I have been asking them - and I'm not a military strategist - just a thinking American...

But since the WH says all is going swimmingly well in Iraq maybe it's time to believe them and see that what is going on there is WHAT THEY WANT. Little else makes sense.

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