Wednesday, August 03, 2005

New rant flavor this week

Has anyone else noticed the amount of spam has increased? I know how to use my filters and delete buttons so I don't do much except laugh at the "subject" line...and wow have I laughed.

C'mon who would actually check out the following - which are actual subject lines in my junk file today

Re: With wakeup by seating
was reply an coordinate regions
Re: To smoke or unbeknown
Are reply a debacle contaminate

I guess these are to get by spam filters? oh well - someone probably opens them and buys whatever it is or they'd stop

The other spam that is proliferating is the "Christian" whatevers - I guess the right wingers have spawned a new cottage industry... one can now get Christian mortgages [ not usury rates I hope] , Christian debt relief [ maybe they pay off your loan or get total debt forgiveness like the jubilee years] , Christian dates [wonder if they promote unmarried sex?], etc.

I hate to think I am putting this idea in someone's head but I can't wait until I start seeing the Christian Viagra [etal] ads.

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