Saturday, August 20, 2005

ARGH$%%$&^ Technology

Oh well - we now live in a world of advancing technology - not all of which do I understand nor do I wish to learn - I like knowing the basics but the last few weeks left me almost ready to scream because the problems went far beyond my understandings.

My PC died but the hard drive lived on - except that I could not retrieve some important's probably there but beyond my ability to retrieve it - then the link to my cable company stopped working except sporadically.... so I could not get online when I wanted to - it's still in need of the "line" person to fix the line - hmm Comcast says they have 24 hours after the report to get to it - it was first reported Wednesday and I don't think anyone has yet looked at the main line - for one my service is still off and on - [off of course when I have time to use it] - and two- they were to call me when they came...

I'm tired of calling them so will wait until tomorrow... this has been ongoing since Wednesday -

While I was unable to get online I tried again to "find" the archived Incredimail emails - warning to all - DO NOT USE INCREDIMAIL -

Then back online I start crying when I read any news about Camp Casey and/or Iraq. I had told my son this week that I could not do what Cindy Sheehan is doing if he had been killed when he was in the Army and the Guard. I am thankful he finished 8 years of a military commitment safely and I realized that I spent those 8 years in a state of worry....even now as he is finally starting college a nag inside my mommy head will worry until he has his honorable discharge forms in hand! I do not trust the person in the WH...he is arrogant and a bully and arrogant bullies act irrationally when they are angry and he is angry right now - he doesn't like people to confront him...he only speaks to those who agree with him..and that fewer each day are in agreement makes him all the more dangerous.

Being one who started as a protester in the 60's and thinking that Nixon was the worst that could happen to the USA - wow - were we all wrong about that.. the shrub is far more dangerous- I do believe he'd start another invasion if his poll numbers go down- and he won't care if congress gives him the go ahead or not- after all he is the dictator and he can do what he pleases

hey if I were North Korea, Iran or some other countries in his sight, I'd be stock piling weapons...he is a menace to the world and he makes it more dangerous for all people...


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