Tuesday, August 23, 2005

A conversation with a son

I am so angry at those who have the gall to say that Casey Sheehan would not want his mom doing what she is doing...who better than Cindy to know what is in her son's heart and mind? Certainly not those who are now spouting such nastiness..

I asked my son - my one and only - the one who served 4 years in the 82nd Airborne and then 4 years in a Guard unit - the one who is as opposed to the shrub as I am - the one who does not believe we should be in Iraq - BUT WOULD HAVE GONE - since he was the one in charge of others! He too voluntarily joined the Army - for his own reasons - that did not mean he wanted to go into a war zone and die for the shrub's lies...

AND - if he had gone and had died he would have wanted me to do what Cindy is doing! He knows I am anti war and knows of my involvement in working against the Vietnam War... he knows me and I know him...so why should Cindy not know what her son Casey would have wanted?

I now know how absolutely lucky I am that I could have the conversation with my son - and I cry when I think that Cindy can no longer talk to Casey...but if she can't speak with him - she can speak for him - that's what mommies can do - and to those others who disagree with me - I use the right wing parrot's words [the ones he says he never said] "shut up!"

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