Wednesday, August 24, 2005


I have been thinking and wondering why few Dems are speaking out about Iraq or Cindy Sheehan or Valerie Plame these days. It's not because they are on vacation. It's because they like living in D.C. and they LOVE the power they have. Power corrupts and it corrupts even the best of the pols.

I never met a politician, except one, who was not arrogant and self-serving. At functions they look over your shoulder as they speak to you eyeing the crowd to see if there is anyone more important they should be talking to. After I left D.C. and was living in Vermont, I met one of the Vermont Senators at a business function and I introduced myself as a newcomer to Vermont. He said something trivial and was looking past my shoulder as he spoke. I lost all respect for him at that point - and he is a D.

And it's not just the pols - most anyone, including the heads of labor unions, who rises to prominence in D.C. glories in it and wants to stay - it makes for a very insulated society - where the Dems and the Repugs and the union leaders speak only to each other and not to real people. That's why no one is speaking out- they are too scared that they may lose their power - because in D.C. power comes from others who are seen as being in power and those whom we elect thinking they will represent us - do not - they represent only themselves and their corporate sponsors. I'll bet very few engage in meaningful conversations with their constituents - like the shrub - they tend to preach to the choir - except in electon years when they pretend they represent us. NOPE - they just want to go back to D.C.

At this point I am of the mindset that we need to get rid of even those with D after thier name who do not represent the people in their states.. I need to go thru a list of who voted for what but pols like Biden come immediately to mind - Mr. MBNA....along with anyone who voted for the bankruptcy bill -

I like the slogan of the 60's "power to the people." Where did my generation go wrong? We had it right in the 60's and we lost sight of something along the way to old age...but I am heartened to see a "movement" starting's not like Boston or Berkeley in the 60's and 70's - it's more technologically oriented but it's here! God is in her heavens and we shall prevail!


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