Friday, September 02, 2005

Wow - another thank you shrub!

I can not believe that this subhuman is the president. Everything he touches turns into a disaster! He is an utter total failure as a leader and a human being. His parents should go into hiding seeing what they created!

The subhuman can not even get back to D.C. to deal with the New Orleans disaster he is responsible for without waiting several days until he can be told what to say. Even then he made an ass of himself - if I hear him or anyone in the administration say "who could have predicted .x..." I will go nuts!! Anyone with a little bit of intelligence who can watch TV or read knew this was coming - it WAS predicted!! it just means he has zero intelligence.....and therefore should not be in a position where he has to make decisions.. he has no idea how to think

And the looting - well these idiots in the administration gave looting a good name when it happened in Iraq and we did nothing ..see what a good example this subhuman is setting? I don't condone the looting for the TVs etc but for those looking for food and medicines I'm not sure I would say that is a problem right now - and after seeing the chaos in New Orleans I now am amazed that the Iraqi people waited a year for us to fix our mess there before they started fighting us - hey we are Americans - we are very impatient - we only wait a day or two and if things are not fixed we get MAD...

I said to a friend the other day that the shrub was staying away from D.C. until he and his buddies can figure out how to enrich Haliburton with this latest mess they created.. Not sure if it's true but I heard that Haliburton was getting a contract to do repairs in new Orleans! Watch out America - if a disaster can come to your neighborhood - they will let it come - they will sit back and watch - they will say "who could have predicted this" - and then call in Haliburton... nice game isn't it - shows how much they care about citizens - we can all die as long as they make money from our deaths...and of course they can then keep or social security payments!

enuf - I am sick sick sick of this administration - I hope there is a very good lawyer who will start a suit against the shrub accusing him of criminal neglience for this latest "plan" of his...




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