Friday, October 28, 2005


Well Libby was I feel happy? not at's sad that our country has fallen to such a position - again! and I am referring to Nixon - not Clinton - I'd rather have an administration get bad press over sex than national security.... as one hears often, Clinton's blow job did not kill anyone.

What keeps nagging at me - and others to whom I have spoken is the shrub's "ratings." He is now at 40% or less - and this is NOT EVEN one year since that re-selection.... if he legitimately got over 50% of the vote...why did he lose 10% of that base so fast? Nothing different is known now than was known last November - he's still a liar- he is still arrogant - his administration is still engaged in an endless killing field in Iraq - they still have no plans for Iraq, the economy etc. except his dorky "stay the course" - and they still go after tose who disagree with them..

so either the vote was rigged last year or a lot of people now realize how stupid they were to vote for this #$@%$%%$&**&...

After that election a friend and I said that we'd sit back and wait for voter's remorse and the say "we told you so" but it's too sad a state of affairs right now to say that : (

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