Monday, October 24, 2005

The Miers "mess"

Hey Georgie boy..Yer so smart...most smartest man I know. And so cool -well I mean you and er...hmmm... Laura..can't ferget her now ken I?

Dint I do a good job ansering them silly questions the senators ast? One I jist said "no." and them lefties are so danged mad- its such fun to do this...make them mad I mean...

I forgot to pay some bills and you'd think I committed a crime...heh heh ..we all know yer friends, and you can't commit crimes...we got them friends out there saying perjury is not a crime and well - it's a danged shame, them lefties are criminalizing politics...

Hey Georgie boy - about them bills- cant you get someone back, in Texas to make sure they put the right spin on that lien stuff and isn't there someone here in the D.C. Bar who ken take the blame, for my not payng them dues? Why on earht should someone of my power have to remember those silly things?

And about those questions those Senators sent back - cant we find someone as good as my clerks, and associates to write the answers for me- my english int too good. I forget why we use commas, and all that - not important for people like me and you to know those things - thats why we hire lackies, int it? Can't I just tell them that when I am confirmed and I will be confimed, wont I, I'll jist hire me some super fancy law clerks, who know how to think and write...can't be bothered with all that chatter can we? need to do the lord's work there on the court - well my lord and yers- not that lord them lefties like -

Love you [ and whats her name- oh Laura]


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