Saturday, October 15, 2005

Rain rain go away

Having lived on the East coast for most of my life - I have lived in or very near many of the areas now affected by flooding... I-91 is closed? Wow! We all expect the dirt roads of Vermont and New Hampshire to have damage when it rains but not flooding on a major major north/south route that has heavy traffic from Connecticut to Canada....

And I bet King Shrub will still tell you he is "doing all he can" to help the environment and that global warming is a "theory" - just like evolution. Well mr shrub - the scientists think our weather patterns are a bit off kilter.... but then he is unable to listen to scientists - only to big oil company people...

Some of my friends and I knew this administration would implode - crime and corruption seem to do that at some point in time...the only bad thing is that we get another few years of this guy waging war on everything and I mean everything..

HE is the natural disaster!!!

What worries me most right now is that if his ratings stay low he will start another war or two - no matter what Congress says or the obvious lack of troops ... reality is not part of his psychological makeup. He is a bully who is used to getting his way so he pouts and screams and then does what he wants...

Hopefully the public will wake up more and start taking action....It's beginning to happen but until it includes a lot more of us, we will be ignored - big time!


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