Thursday, October 06, 2005

Cheer-leader-in-chief [c-i-c]

Why is the shrub doing so much cheer leading lately? Does he miss his days as a cheer leader at his all boys school? Is this another example of gender confusion? or latent homosexuality? [I think most of the "persons" in the WH have an issue with their own sexuality- why else are they so concerned with everyone's sex lives? ] And why else was Gannon/Guckert around thee so so much????

Back to c-i-c... seems to me if you have an ongoing military action [I am one who believes you can't have a "war" on a concept] - you should have the public's support and you should not have to be the c-i-c about that action. And if you need to be the c-i-c about that military action - maybe it's time to stop the military action.....

Real leaders don't need to be cheer leaders about their policies!

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