Monday, October 03, 2005

George, G-d and Jesus

First a sort of disclaimer... I was raised as a protestant but gravitated to Judaism as a teen and during my adulthood made the label official...I say this only to show I am familiar with both religions.

George claims to be a Christian and to have found g-d but in so doing he has skipped away from the bible [if not run away] - at least the parts of the bible that speak of Jesus. Like so many right wing people of all persuasions, he has picked and chosen his way around the "old" testament [to use the common lingo] and ignored the "new."

Jesus was a Jew and I do think he would be astounded to see what some people do in his name. And those pickers thru of the old testament ignore all the years of rabbinical debate over many of the issues they raise...pretending instead to stick to the "original" concepts..

Hmmm....for starters there are many "versions" of bibles - sort of depends on who translated them and when the translating was what is original? I have seen the portions of the Dead Seas Scrolls that are in the museum in Jerusalem and they ain't in English! And certainly not the version by King James or any of the other modern translations either.

We know George does not read so we can expect that he has been only given the briefest of summaries of bits and pieces of the bible - much like the DVD he got of the hurricane Katrina. He seems to have missed the parts that speak to treatment of the poor and loan sharking..and behaviors akin the credit cards and bankruptcy.

I don't have a problem with religious persons - I just do not want them telling me what to believe and especially when they have chose to ignore more appropriate parts of the bible than they spout off about.

To be continued....

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