Monday, October 03, 2005

Who the hell is Harriet?

Yikes! Is she an unknown? Nope - like with Roberts her views are known in great detail - but only to the shrub and his cronies - after all she is yet another shrub crony.

Will the public find out anything about her? Nope - she too will refuse to answer questions at her senate hearings.. But info is dribbling out and will continue to come out from the researchers who actually care about the courts..

So far, from all I read, the firm at which she she was the managing partner has ties to Delay, and in 1998 and again in 2000 paid hefty fines in settlement of suits involving allegations of defrauding investors...So she fits right in with the bush crime family... a perfect person to put on the supreme court - that is if you want a court like one that could be run by Tony Soprano.

I mean, come on, if it looks like you might be facing indictments and impeachment - wouldn't you want to know ahead of time that the judges will always rule in your favor???????

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