Friday, December 16, 2005

ever so cynical?

I am a cynic - I admit that...but the events of this week bother me a lot- not a surprise to me but nonetheless very very bothersome...

Spying on US citizens? by presidential order?

Wanting to speak of Iraq but his "agenda" was disrupted by Katrina?

Cheerleading for the mess in Iraq?

More stupidity in the House? [war on xmas and more on Iraq departure] - do they have nothing of import to discuss? I guess not....we here in the USA are irrelevant to the right wing idiots.....damn the public- they will do as they please....hurt poor people, take money from kids and students in college, but hey in the face of growing debt we need to cut back right? well no- they continue to give money to the richest...and the corporation of course

#$@!#$%^&^%&^(*(* ARGH>>>>>>

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