Tuesday, December 13, 2005

so many rants - so little time

wow - not sure what to rant about lately - there is so much out there my mind is spinning - so instead of worrying about which I'll jump in and start with the weirdest one tonight - what one is that? the alleged "war" on christmas....does Fox have so little real infotainment to present that this is all they can spit out day after day? Is it for the ratings? or to deflect us from what the shrub is doing????

If you read my previous blogs you know I was raised as a Christian and switched out of that religion... part of me began to hate this season because it is a time when all the idiotic nasty behaviors humans are capable of are out in full force.... drivers are more dangerous, shoppers are just damned rude and the closer we get to December 25- the worse humans behave...

Many years ago I decided that except for necessities I do not go near large stores from Thanksgiving until after January 2...There was a time when the stores did not put out Christmas stuff until after thanksgiving - now it's out there right around Labor Day and the weight of the Sunday papers grows each week..

So who started this war? the greedy corporations who want all your money and who do not give one thought to what Christmas is supposed to be celebrating.... Does Fox go after them? no the right wingnuts go after anyone who is not Christian and blames them...so anti semitism, anti Islam and anti all non-Christian religions is more rampant...

If you are a Christian ask yourself what gift giving has to do with your religion, what does a tree mean? what about the costly house decorations? the bills that come in January?

Do you ever stop and think that all religions have holidays that coincide with the Summer and Winter soltices and the Spring and Autumnal equinoxes.. our more modern religions started using the pagan celebrations of the time and incorporated them into their religions.

There was a period in my past when my friends and I spent a few years "doing" all the pagan celebrations as best we could - it was a lot of fun and very educational...no one felt left out and no one felt thier religion was being made fun of or that there was a war on anyone's religion....maybe we should all learn where our celebrations came from and gain tolerance

but to Fox and all other media outlets who are stuck on this "war" theme - I suggest they get a sense of proportion and a sense of humor

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