Saturday, January 21, 2006

G.B. MofD

Geeze this person in the W.H. can accumulate a lot of alphabet soup behind his name. This week I dub him Master of Disaster - again it's the Medicare D [umb] plan. To use Rummies words they are probably saying "Who knew?"

I find it reprehensible that the press [it's not a main stream media anymore] isn't all over this in a bigger way. Yes they re saying the plan is not working and people are going to hospitals because they can't get their drugs - but I have yet to read a story that lays the full blame on Congress - where it belongs.

Many of us predicted this when the bill was being lobbied thru Congress. But as we are the same people who predicted the mess and insurgency in Iraq and the corruption in Congress, etc. no one reports in a big way what "we" say. But the press loves it when Rummie says
"Who knew?" as if NO ONE KNEW...

My fervent hope for this year is that some reporters grow a backbone and start digging and doing investigative reporting AND that they are allowed to put the stories in print - not like the NYT sitting on a bombshell for a year! And since I got my wish about the repubs imploding just maybe....

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