Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Rich bullies

Pampered rich boys and bullies both have serious problems but when you mix these together into one person - eeks!

Bully boy shrub - the would be king of the united corporate states is such a person. Pampered rich boys expect others to clean up after them. They do as they wish with no consequences. Mommy and daddy never say "no." Maids, servants and nannies do the cleaning up. When these pampered kids start bullying others, no one says "stop." If the victim complains, the victim is again victimized.

When these pampered bullies grow up - nothing in their experience changes. They still expect others to clean up after them and they still barge ahead doing as they wish - threatening to sue if you complain, or throw you in jail without an attorney, bomb your country if they want your resources, ignore your levees and make you beg for your medications if his plan is not working.

Where is the blame? On the victims of course. It was the Iraqis, the poor, the sick and the older among us who are to blame for their own circumstances. "Let them eat cake" he says. Who are you to ask me to provide anything for you.. IT'S ALL MINE and I am keeping it. Daddy and Mommy said I can have everything I want - and I want to be KING - I WANT IT - I WANT IT - IT'S MINE and he adds with that smirk: chuckle chuckle chuckle heh heh heh

And now I want to have the Supreme Court to coronate me - and THEY WILL DO IT because I said so - and I am the ruler.....

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