Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Who supports the troops?

This from the AP - TODAY

WASHINGTON The U-S Army has contracted a southern California company to rush a 70-(m)million dollar emergency order of ceramic body armor to the front lines in Iraq.
The sole source-contract with Costa Mesa-based Ceradyne was approved last week.

It comes on the heels of a Pentagon study that found side armor could have saved dozens of U-S lives in Iraq.

The company is expected to begin shipping the armor plates in January and to complete the order by May or June.

The Army is planning to buy a total of 230-thousand sets of the ceramic side plates.

An Army spokesman say one company won't be able to deliver that order in the time required, so additional vendors are being sought through an open-bid process.

Hello? Who has been saying the troops need better armor? And who has ignored that until 2006? And when did we choose to invade Iraq? You have to remember this is a was of CHOICE.. a choice to sacrifice our kids by starting the war and then not giving them proper equipment for YEARS !!

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