Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Carville has got to go

Carville has outlived his Democratic usefulness. He's now a shill for his wife - lambasting the DNC for her....

I'm sure he loves Mary, but in marrying her, he changed his stripes - she did not! She is still on a repug payroll and he is obsolete. So what does he do? He blames Dean for the Dems not gaining 50 seats - like DUH - that's really going to make the netroots think you are one smart cookie?

No way - you are out of the big picture and you hate it that you are there - so in order to try and get some press coverage for yourself from the right wing media [that's most of it] you toss blame around - a page from your wife's playbook perhaps?

Go away Carville - the new Dems do not need or want you!

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