Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Each year removed from the assassination of JFK, the less we hear about it. Even I who recall that day, forgot the exact date until I was reminded of it on the radio this week.

I had just started graduate school that September and in usual fashion, since it was a Friday in the era before ATM machines and "major" credit cards, I was walking to my bank in Kenmore Square to get some cash for the weekend. I had an eerie feeling like here I was going about my own business, all the world seemed okay, but Kennedy had been shot. I'm no longer clear on whether I knew he was dead at that time or if that came's been 43 years and I never wrote down my thoughts or feelings at that time - like with other events - I figured I'd always recall everything.

Here we are 43 years later and I am still among those who believe our government has hidden the real facts about the assassination....and that feeling only gets stronger as we get more and more secretive about everything in government. I learned that we can not trust our own government - it was a sad lesson and one that stayed with me.

Living in Boston in the early 60's, Kennedy's death, the Vietnam fiasco and civil rights protests became a crash course in people politics for most of us - in Boston and in other places around the country. That too has stayed with me....

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