Friday, January 05, 2007

Welcome Nancy Pelosi - WAY TO GO!!

OK - a WOMAN is in power in the USA. Took us long enough but it happened. And the previous speaker was not man enough to hand over the gavel...had his henchman do it...very odd...maybe he just does not like women.

Now it's time for Nancy to show the world what a woman in power can do - or a DEMOCRATIC woman can do. the rightwing had/has women in power positions and they acted like the male wingnuts....

speaking of which I see that Harriet Miers resigned and that was soon after Negroponte went off to help old friend Condi who is one of those female wingnuts mentioned above - or maybe she is contemplating a resignation and summoned him there to take over for her?

My prediction? January will see see more rates leaving the sinking ship

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