Wednesday, January 30, 2008


My son, born in 1978 when Carter was president, reminded me that his entire waking talking life from 1981 on has had a bush or a Clinton in the administration and in power.

I, who have been around a lot longer, do recall other administrations.....and his comment did leave me thinking - he and others around 30 year old have never known a DC without a bush or Clinton. So - I can see why Obama is attracting voters my son's age.

They do not like dynasties and want a real change - and Obama is a real change in many ways - but first of all he is not a bush or a Clinton and that is attracting the more "youthful" voters - and now also many of my "aged" cohorts who with Edwards out - are tired of politics as usual and see Clinton as a predictable politics as usual.....

There is a huge benefit in electing someone who has not been in D.C. forever - politicians staying there develop myopia after a few terms and can no longer see outside the beltway. Someone who has more recent real life experiences elsewhere brings a different and broader view to the country's future..

And I really can't stand the arguement that experience is what is important - what is important is having excellent people around you - who argue with you and are not afraid of telling you something you might not want to hear. We learn from a variety of views and sources - fear based reports are what got us where we are with mad king george. I actually loved that Obama said he loses pieces of paper - so do I - and that does not make us idiots. What is isiotic is that the "media" saw that as a bad bad thing!

Yeesh! Maybe we need a clean sweep of the media as well as the powers-that-be in D.C. ?

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