Sunday, March 09, 2008

The Clinton Dichotomy

Can someone please tell me why Hillary is bad mouthing Obama and praising McCain while Bill is chatting up a Hillary/Obama ticket?

I am disliking Hillary more each day - call me naive but I really dislike the "tell them anything so they elect me" mentality. I know it's a campaign tactic - usually used by the repugs.... isn't using scare tactics while praising McCain a repug tactic ? Because if she says Obama is not fit to be commander-in-chief, how can he be her veep? It doesn't fit.....

Or - maybe Hillary is looking to be McCain's running mate? Does she secretly want that to happen? It's one of the few ideas I have that fits her current verbiage.

Either that or she is being funded by the same people that are funding McCain and she is being used to bolster McCain's campaign?

Anyway - if there is a Hillary support reading this - please I, the psychologist am very befuddled....

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