Monday, March 10, 2008

Why We Oppose Telecom Immunity

The Wall Street Journal. no bastion of progressive ideas or editorials, published an article today READ HERE about NSA's domestic spying.

Look what NSA collects on YOU right now!

Internet Searches
Phone calls [cell and land lines]
Bank Accounts
Credit Card Use
Air passenger information

And do you know why they think this is okay? Because if you post on MySpace - you clearly want the government to spy on you and you care not an iota for your own privacy.
Donald Kerr, the deputy director of national intelligence, told a conference of intelligence officials in October that the government needs new rules. Since many people routinely post details of their lives on social-networking sites such as MySpace, he said, their identity shouldn't need the same protection as in the past. Instead, only their "essential privacy," or "what they would wish to protect about their lives and affairs," should be veiled, he said, without providing examples.
Given this, the whole FISA discussion should be off the table until more is known about what the government is doing with the cooperation of the telecom companies.

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