Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Dear Hillary - an open letter

Hi there Hillary...

I lived in DC when you and BIll were in the WH and although life was pretty good with Bill as prez- you were never my favorite politicians..too eager to be the go-along-to get--along republican-lite for my taste.

If you had been winning primaries tho, and were the candidate - I would have been happy to campaign for you just like I campaigned for Bill...

But right now you are only proving to me that I was wrong about your republican lite status - you are republican with no lite needed. You who talked of the vast right wing conspiracy...you have now joined the same!

There's an old saying that if you lie down with dogs you get up with fleas ....well you are lying down with republicans and you are getting more and more tainted each day. If you and Bill like John McCain so much why don't you quit your campaign and ask McCain if you could be his VP? Why keep damaging, not only the democratic party, but the process? Why not be gracious and drop out while there is some shred of credibility left in your verbiage?

And so dear Hillary - I ask you, for the sake of my this country, our military and our sanity - to please please drop out of the race....NOW.

Thank you.

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