Monday, March 03, 2008

Hillary v. Obama

I have a few friends back East who can not understand why I am not an ardent Hillary supporter as I am a female.

Had to remind them that I was not a big Bill C. supporter in his primaries either - and it's solely due to politics. I do not like Clinton politics, policies or bush-like fear mongering.

Yes - I'd love to see a woman in the White House in my lifetime. Just not Hillary....

And yes I know that Obama's policies are largely unknown and I read that he is moving to the center and may appoint some R's to high level positions. If he does that and we do yet more center to right moving in this country - I will start advocating for someone else for the year 2012...

Like many other's these days - I have no loyalty to incumbents. My mantra is that if you do not represent ME and represent the best for ALL of our country - then you can be a one term wonder!

But for now I am even less thrilled with the Clinton campaign style - it's petty, vindictive and typically Clintonesque. It's like throw enough junk out here and see what sticks....I feel she should be above tis type of theater as it what was done to the Clintons when Bill was president.

But then again no one ever said politics was for genteel people!

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