Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Joined at the mind

"We just love each other. We think like each other and we will follow each other and each other's policies...."

Want another 4 more years of mr lowest ratings? then vote for John I-love-bush McCain.

They are so joined in their policies - it will be just like a bush 3rd term! WOW!

Only the media think he is a maverick - the rest of us know better.

And many people are starting to look not only at McCain's age - but also his health. He will be 72 this summer. Being only a little younger than him I don't see that as his biggest problem - but he has had surgery for melanoma altho he seems to have been cancer-free for more than 5 years.....

But his policies ? those are scarier than his age and health.

Do not forget - this is the man who talks about more war and fewer jobs!

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