Monday, April 21, 2008

Hillary - tough person? Yup - just like Rove, Cheney and Shrub

Hillary is trying to out tough the repugs by telling us all she is TOUGH...not a wussy feminist but a tough person who can handle tough questions she and her right wing media people had the abc [always be conservative] idiots ask Obama last week.

Since Obama complained about the questions - it of course means he can't stand up to the right wing media like she did!

But what Hillary is doing is called "identification with the aggressor" or the Stockholm Syndrome. When you are hounded or tortured by people - you tend to start acting like them...That's what Hillary Clinton has done.

She was endorsed by Richard Mellon Scaife and his ultra right wing paper the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. In case you forgot, Scaife was the money and power behind the investigations into the Clinton's the entire time they were in White House.

Frankly I'd rather vote for someone who has not joined forces with the right and is adapting those Rovian campaign tactics.
And McSame's attitude has also been questioned by his own party. Did he too identify with his captors? Probably.

There is a great article in BuzzFlash today about McSame visiting prostitutes in Hanoi when he was there in 1996.

So maybe Hillary also identifies with him since he and Bill has shown similar tendencies????????

Calls character into question - doe it not? And isn't character what Hillary says is important?

The more she campaigns, the more we see of the REAL Hillary - the one with no morals, no scruples, and a huge EGO!

And this is my last post about her - she does not deserve the attention...from any of us...


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