Tuesday, April 22, 2008

McSame's age

Was just chatting with my son who came up with some good points about McSame's age.

[Disclaimer - Since McSame is not that much older than I am - I get a little personally "whatever" about the age issue...but I think in lots of ways I am many years "younger" than McSame... ]

My son pointed out that we can argue that the presidency takes a lot of energy out of it's office holders. Look at the shrub who takes endless vacations, works out and gets a full night's sleep no matter what world crisis is going on - and even he looks like shit after 2 terms.

But back to McSame and the MLK holiday - McSame is so so old and of a different era that it took him decades to see his "error" about MLK... we can not afford an old man in power who takes decades to admit to an error...we already have seen what "I don't make mistakes shrub" has done to the country. McSame would be worse and he is a cranky old man.

So NO OLD MEN for president!

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