Saturday, October 04, 2008

Is your neighborhood like mine?

Often I hear things like: "I don't do politics." or "Both parties are the same so why vote."

Or from some - I vote and that's it...not interested in the rest of it.

My take on politics is that it is everything you do.....

If you have a job - you "do" politics

If you are a union member - you "do" politics

If you ever call your elected officials abut something - you are "doing" politics

If you shop you are engaging in politics


So - why not register and if registered - why not vote?

Politicians know who votes and who does's a public record....

In my Multnomah County Precinct we have a poor voting record....

Yet in the last year or so there were many "issues" to deal with here and the biggest issue was tackled by a few neighbors and only after a long period of time with no resolution did anyone start calling local and state politicians...

And so we wound up "doing" politics - but a bit too late in that particular discussion.

Maybe this year your neighborhood and mine can have a high ballot return/voter turnout to thank the politicians who tried to help you? Or vote against the ones who did nothing?

They would notice - believe me - they would notice!

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