Friday, October 03, 2008

Thoughts about the McCain Marriage. Is it divorce if he loses?

Since last night's verbiage from Palin bored me after a few minutes - my brain started wandering and wondering...and It wound up putting a few thoughts together.

A McCain mansion is for sale...that is very odd given the housing market right now...but maybe billionaires are not bothered by this downturn.

Does it mean that McCain needs a cash infusion into his campaign right now? yup...he's created way around the public financing so money can go there - and he needs money badly!

Then there was my already posted idea that Palin is a trophy veep - and last night cement that idea - she's a good memorizer and parrotter...and cute - and young.....

BUT - why is McSame so so desperate that he is acting like an out of control child?

That's when it clicked!!!

Cindy must have told him she is fed up with him - his womanizing, his dislike of women except for yelling at and having sex with, his using her money for his lifestyle and campaigns...

I bet they have a solid prenup that cuts him off from her family money..

So - my best guess is that Cindy issued an ultimatum!

Cindy told John that if he did not win the presidency - she'd divorce him and leave him with whatever amount is in the prenup....

He likes her money - but does not like her - and so he is desperate to win this to keep his greedy hands on her money.

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