Thursday, October 16, 2008

No such thing as coincidence

These 3 items came to my attention this morning - the first is a clip from the debate last night and I was waiting for it to be on YouTube...

This is from wwwsaysmetv .. Woman Against McCain Palin

And this arrived from a local friend....

Many citizens are outraged at MCain's snide statement last night about "health." It clearly shows his absolute disdain for women...and Palin must hate women as well - and of course these two do not want women to get equal pay for equal work.

Republicans are only into being punitive...This is the party that tortures, forces women to have children they do not want, and then fails to provide for the children once they are born.
into thinking...

Why any thinking woman would vote for R's is beyond me...but the 20% or so who love the shrub are not into thinking - only into shouting and fear mongering!

Let's make it more than a landslide! Let's show the R's what we think of them by booting out all R's running in this election!

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