Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Oregon Ballot Measures

I got my ballot yesterday and am taking it to a drop box today..

In spite of what the Oregonian and have said about ballot measures - our mantra has been as below - the 1st 4 and no more. Bill Sizemore and his out of state moneyman should not be telling Oregonians how to live! If it's a Sizemore or other non-legislative initiative - it's generally safest and less expensive to just say NO.....

Here is a blurb from Defend Oregon.....

Ballot Measures Made Easy!
Now that ballots have arrived, it's time to start marking in your votes on the 2008 state ballot measures. Just in time, the 2008 Defend Oregon Voter Guide has arrived to make those decisions easy. Click here to download the pdf.

Several of the state's most prominent organizations have weighed in on the measures, and their position is listed on each measure. The groups in the voter guide include Oregon PTA, Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon, Basic Rights Oregon, and League of Women Voters of Oregon.

Defend Oregon's position is simple and straightforward: On Measures 54 through 64, Vote for the FIRST FOUR AND NO MORE. Help spread the word and this valuable voter's guide to all your friends!

The stakes on these ballot measures are so high that it's vital all Oregonians understand the impact they would have. Don't let your friends be fooled by Racketeer Bill Sizemore!

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