Saturday, December 20, 2008

What a Week!

My ranting this week was at the weather and the plumbing configuration [looked like tinker toys] that created frozen pipes, burst pipes and a temporary fix that leaves me with running water only in the bathroom.. But that's better than the day of no water at all.

I have learned that the person who remodeled this house years ago - and is a pretty nice guy - remodels with whatever materials he has on's cheaper. Unfortunately plastic pipes that are too small with too many T's and L's and various connectors freeze when hit by an arctic blast.

When warmer weather rolls around, a major fix using one piece larger diameter pipes, well insulated and all that is on the schedule. It's no fun for anyone to play plumber when hands and fingers are working inches above a cold river :D

Thankfully the day the temporary fix got done was the one warmish day this week. Hate to think of trekking to a neighbor for a hot shower when we have 6 or more inches of snow on the decks - although I did that for a laundry chore this AM when the snow was only a dusting.

I am thankful I have great neighbors and that river living produces good friendships - when the possibility of serious weather related issues is high, like this week, everyone helps out everyone else and though I was stressed as were some others - no one got bent out of shape about anyone's stress levels...I am so glad I live here.....

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