Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Getting Going Again with Rant about Alleged Dems!

I find it's hard to write or do anything creative when faced with a few feet of snow, 3.5 inches of rain, flood warnings and chilly weather - all coming at me in rapid succession. Harsh winter weather is why I left New England to seek and find a more "moderate" climate.

Hah..thanks to mad king george we are having very odd weather patterns all across the globe. And with mad king george's unwillingness to protect US infrastructure, the middle class, and the environment - this is a bad time for all - here in Oregon and elsewhere.

But today - before the next monsoon hits - I am writing! Yea! Can't let the worst ever resident at 1600 Penn Ave. keep me from blogging :D

So what's on my mind today - those alleged dems who are so enamored with mad king george's policies and who aided and abetted same - are now pissed that Obama did not consult with them before naming Panetta to be CIA chief..

Diane Feinstein is angry that she was not informed - she claims that the Agency needs an intelligence professional at its head. Well dear me - I claim that the citizens of California need a new Senator - not one who sells out our constitutional rights and then sits there trying to look "all-important-all-the-time." And Jay Rockefeller - well he seemed to have never met a shrub take-away-our-rights-item that he did not like [but I may be wrong - did not check out his voting record.]

Update: Missed this in the AM - from Think Progress http://cli.gs/MhvBza/lynndorman

It's titled: Feinstein And Rockefeller To Obama: We Liked Bush’s Appointees More
A bit snarky - but just right :D

I like the idea of a no-torture person who is organized and is a solid manager to be at the head of most agencies. Good people can find good others to work with - bad leaders find bad others to work with - look what the last 8 years has brought us!

So - sorry Diane and Jay - I sincerely hope you are ousted by your constituents!

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