Thursday, January 08, 2009

Telephones Books? A Concept Whose Time Has Gone?

For some unknown reason, I recently got 3 sets of phone books - each with 3 books in the pile.

I do not use phone books. No one I know uses phone books; we use the internet to look up numbers. So my 9 phone books went into the paper recycling bin. What a waste of trees.

As I have a business I keep getting mail from phone book companies telling me how great they are and how much business I'd get if I used their services. Huh! I do most business online and locally. My number is freely available and I don't really want all those annoying cold calls one gets when in a phonebook. Been there in a prior business.

I'm one who still thinks I have a phone for my use and so I am prone to not answer unless I am expecting a call or recognize the name in caller ID and am not busy. But most often I have the sound off so I am not distracted by a ring...I've often said I am the one for whom answering machines were made :D . I was the 1st in my group of friends to get one and recall how expensive they were - way back in 1978. [But then my newest cell phone has more memory and more capabilities than my 1st 3 computers combined!]

Ah it!

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