Thursday, March 19, 2009

More on D's and R's and Thinking

Continuing with the discussion of R and D language and thinking styles.... an email to my Twitter pal David Sonnen

Yes Dems are more likely to aggregate - and that is why twitter is so popular among those who quickly get past the what are you doing nonsense. One thought can cross country and political barriers in a mini whatever - [a nanosecond? ] and get reflected and returned. I am learning so much on Twitter - chatted with a guy in Chicago and we discussed WWII and rivers. At the same time I was helping another friend with an attorney referral and making jokes with yet another. Some I know are Dems - some I guess are Dems and the others? It doesn't matter - we communicate well and that's important to me.

The R's are also on Twitter but they still mostly post their bumper sticker thoughts on need only to go to #tcot and laugh.

McCain posted re his 10 worst pork projects and most treated it as a joke. There was an outrage about AIG bonuses and it gathered thoughtful steam on Twitter and on FB solely because we understand aggregation and two-way communicating that is not just shouting at each other - it's real people having real feelings and real thoughts and being able to express them succinctly - a mark in my opinion of intelligence [says she who wrote a very short thesis]

There are R's who "follow me" on Twitter and I ask why. Most then unfollow - but one said she felt we had much in common and we could learn from each other. At least she posts other than bumper sticker thoughts so we have communicated about no -political matters.

Now we have the group of NO telling Obama he ought to stay in DC and tend to the economy instead of going around talking to real US Citizens and I find that funny. The group of NO still has zero idea that D's can walk and chew gum so to speak or multitask and delegate - and then trust those to whom ones delegates...

The group of NO is used to doling out tasks to cronies who are not competent - how odd this new fangled thing called competence must seem to them. But when oyu bow down and worship a drug addict or a dry drunk - your thinking is hampered.

And that's again why Dems can aggregate and R's do sound bites.

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