Sunday, March 08, 2009

The Group of NO

This group used to be the GOP - Grand Old Party - now they are just old - they are not grand and they are not a party. They are mostly white, mostly southern and mostly addicted to Rush and to the word NO.

Every time President Obama [I'll never get tired of writing those words] has an idea - the group of NO goes on the air and yammers about nothing.

They lack ideas and when you lack ideas you are like the ugly American tourist who feels that yelling loudly in English will get you somewhere when you do not fathom the native language.

The current group of NO is is now saying President Obama should focus on the economy and not stem cell research. Huh? Like they can not be related? Why does one preclude the other?

Only the group of NO can come up with illogical conclusions - maybe that's due to their having lived for so many years under a pResident who could not hang two thoughts together at any one time let alone act on two at the same time.

Lest anyone forgets: democrats believe in education, research, science, citizens, rights, and the ability to think independent thoughts.

The group of NO can only say NO and so we will hear this again and again from the white male southerners in congress who have the letter r by their names.

But Dems are the party of YES - YES WE CAN and YES WE DID and YES WE WILL

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dsonnen said...

Lynn, you've pretty well nailed the entire R approach -- Just Say No.

It's interesting that some public comment is starting to form around the R's "NO" problem. This morning Cafferty at CNN lined out some of the R's issues. See

We're also starting to see some moderate R's decry the R agenda. David Brooks at the NY Times lined out a reasonable course of action this morning. See

I expect that eventually the R's will ditch the Rush/Ann Coulter insanity and return to being a real political party, but probably not any time soon.

Meanwhile, we're going to have to operate without a loyal opposition and the tremendous benefit that open, balanced, thoughtful debate brings to public policy.

Historically, neither political party has managed their oppositionless periods well. Hopefully, we'll manage to stay balanced as we walk through the current dangerous landscape.