Monday, March 02, 2009

Who Controls the R's? A Fun Fight

Michael Steele, aka the head of the Republican National Committee said that Rush L... was an entertainer..and that he, Steele was the head of the Republican Party.

Ah - but Mr L. called him out on that claim and said he was not - he was only head of the Committee....not the party.

Guess who hung the white I give up flag first? yEs - Mr. Steel called Mr L and apologized...

Now we know definitively that Rush IS the head of the Republican Party and that his dittoheads will continue to make sure that we all know who is in charge !

Talk about internal fighting - the alleged media is not that interested in this - they only pay attention when D's have internal strife...

But I?- I plan on laughing at how they will all kowtow to Rush who will now be calling the shots for the next election cycles....[using that 22% of the population to scream loudly that they represent the American public :D:D:D]

Update with videos: you can't make this stuff up : -)

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