Friday, May 02, 2008

Bush-McCain Challenge From MoveOn

From MoveOn

Remember the Pepsi-Coke Challenge? Here's a new twist: Try the Bush-McCain Challenge—our new online quiz—and see if you can tell the difference between Bush and McCain!

We challenge you to tell them apart—it's harder than you'd think.

Ready to get started? Just click the link below to start this 3-minute challenge:

Play a round, then send it to your friends.

The Bush-McCain Challenge is a great way to show that voting for McCain is basically like voting for a third term of Bush. On every important issue facing our country, they stand together.

John McCain has built a moderate image (much like George W. Bush, who first ran for president as a "compassionate conservative" promising a "humble" foreign policy).

This email is just the start. Next week, ads will go up on and other top news websites. MoveOn members will set up tables outside of McCain events and do the Challenge. And we may even take it to TV.

It starts with you at:

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