Friday, May 02, 2008

What the Clintons Think of Indiana Residents?!

This is real - and a reminder that in the camcorder/youtube/media age - all manner of stupidity is available why didn't Stephanopoulos use this clip when he was playing newsperson on that ABC nonsensical show called a debate?

This is a better indicator of how a campaign really thinks feels than is a comment by a pastor who is NOT a campaign advisor....After all -- Mickey Kantor is a Hillary campaign advisor NOW!

Kantor denies using the n word and says the video is doctored. Who knows? He does not deny saying what comes before - but says the negatives about peple being shit was a reference to the WH.. Again - who knows?

But Hillary - turn around seems to be fair play - you started it and the internet has obliged you in making the process even nastier.

Thank you Hillary for this negativity we now see.....mus is mud and it covers everyone who plays in it!

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