Saturday, September 20, 2008

Attention Oregon Voters

This is probably true in other states as well...but this alert came from the head of the DPO [Democratic Party of Oregon]

Please be alert and report to Trent Lutz [Phone: 503-224-8200] any phone calls, mail etc you or your folks may be receiving that would be misrepresenting their voter registration status, mail ballot [including "absentee ballot questions or information] anything you see that would potentially suppress the vote.

If someone gets a call please have them make note of any caller id info and any please fax any mail to the DPO. [FAX: 503-224-5335]

Please also report any "push" polls--polls that make negative statements trying to obtain a response against a candidate.

DPO has received information about two phone calls from the "Ohio Republican Party" questioning the "status" of the persons absentee ballot--this could be very confusing to new voters who have not participated in Oregon's vote by mail...

We will get all information over to the Protect the Vote team.

Thanks for all you do---46 days to go! to changing [saving] America!!!

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