Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Economic Problem is not Rocket Science

When I was in college - way back in the dark ages :-) - we HAD to take a series of required courses to get a Liberal Arts degree. Maybe it was an elitist education [after all it the then free public city colleges of New York] - but it was felt that college educated people should be aware of the world forces affecting them and putting all that in an historical perspective.

As a student I hated some of those classes - but now as an educated adult - I see that it prepared us to live in the real world.

That said - economics is not my forte..but I have some understanding of the subject from those classes and from living.

So why is it that the American public [and some politicians] seemed unaware that the current economic crises were bound to happen? Had they drunk too much repug kool aid? Are they the same folks who think the shrub is great? do they not know that this was planned by the repugs when they took over our institutions?

And will they vote for more of the same? Just stop and think - John McCain has been in politics for decades - he helped rule over all the mismanagement of the country in that time when the R's were in charge of the White House or Congress.

Republics hate the government as it was designed - so they turned it into the rule of and for the wealthy!

Doesn't take a degree in economics to see what has been done to us...the lobbyists wrote laws that R's and some D's passed which benefited the rich and the hell with the rest of us..

The institutions now in trouble will be bailed out at tax payer expense and no one will be punished for their part in designing this disaster! Too bad real people have to suffer the consequences of all this mismanagement - but you get what you vote for and you get to keep what you have when impeachment is "off the table"!

I would not vote for an R even if we had one party rule!

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